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A vertically integrated lifelong entrepreneur, Lance Smith exemplifies the qualities we should all seek in a real estate mentor and professional. As the leader of his organization for more nearly 20 years Lance brings passion, perseverance, and brilliant insight to the real-estate industry.

Real Estate Investor, Author, Community Leader, Real Estate Coach, and more.

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Learn from Lance and the team as they discuss all things real estate and finance. Become an absolute expert an master and find your own financial freedom. Master your own fate with this 3-step training regiment!

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With an undying passion for Real Estate and business Lance aims to share his experiences, lessons and wisdom gained along his journey so that others may reap the rewards of his devotion.

Through his years of coaching and leading Lance has discovered that maneuvering through the real estate industry in search of securing your own future can be quite a difficult task without proper guidance.

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Making the right decisions at the right times is crucial in an ever changing real estate environment. A strategic plan is absolutely necessary to achieve the commonly sought success and financial security that real estate can provide.

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